Black pepperYou consume black pepper extract when you add the spice to foods. An extract in black pepper extract works to improve the absorption of the ingredients in Pronabolin. Pronabolin pairs up black pepper extract with digestive proteolytic blend so the digestive process also helps with nutrient and supplement absorption.


How Does Science Support Black Pepper Extract?

In addition to increased supplement ingredient absorption, there are other benefits associated with black pepper extract and Pronabolin.

Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant

One of the contributing factors to low testosterone and testosterone production is oxidative stress. The foods you consume and environment in which you live all contribute to free radical production. Free radicals take over healthy cells and cause cellular damage by reproducing until the cell dies. Black pepper extract works as an antioxidant to kill off free radicals. As free radicals are killed, the antioxidant can work to repair cells and reverse the side effects of free radical damage. One of the more common side effects of free radical damage is premature aging. Pronabolin can work to reverse the signs of aging so you feel younger and look younger at the same time.

With age also comes inflammation. You feel your joints stiffen and pain after working out. Inflammation is also a problem with weight gain. Pronabolin fights weight gain, but that is not enough. As you are working to your new body, you need relief from the pain associated with inflammation. Pronabolin and black pepper extract can reduce inflammation (1) so you feel less pain and you can work harder in the gym.

Increased Nutrients to Control Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

Black pepper extract is a strong source of zinc. Zinc works naturally in the body to control heart rate and blood pressure. Low testosterone comes with age as does increased blood pressure. No longer worry about high blood pressure affecting your time in the gym.

Zinc also works to increase serum testosterone levels, according to the journal Nutrient (2). Over the source of a study that included 40 men without any known health issues, serum testosterone levels increased with zinc supplementation. Supplements are the perfect way to increase zinc consumption, but nutritionists agree getting the mineral from natural sources is better than any supplement. Black pepper extract is a natural source of zinc.

The effect on absorption is the main reason Pronabolin contains black pepper extract. Black pepper extract improves how the digestive system works (3). That means the other ingredients in the Pronabolin formula are absorbed more effectively so you get more out of the supplement.

Do You Have to Worry About Side Effects with Black Pepper Extract?

No. There are no side effects associated with black pepper extract. The ingredient is safe and effective. You get black pepper extract from foods when you add the spice to foods. The black pepper extract in Pronabolin is stronger than any spice so you get the best benefits imaginable.

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