Fenugreek seedsPronabolin contains one of the best testosterone ingredients in fenugreek extract. It is derived from a plant. The seeds are commonly used in natural medicine and as a food source in southern Asia. Unlike far too many ingredients used in natural testosterone boosters, fenugreek extract is shown to relieve some of the worst symptoms of low testosterone so you feel younger, stronger, more focused and more energetic with Pronabolin.

What Are the Clinical Studies Into the Effects of Fenugreek Extract Supplementation?

We found clinical studies published in a variety of journals and trusted publications. There is no doubt fenugreek extract will work to improve symptoms of low testosterone as reported by these studies and that’s why the makers of Pronabolin decided to use this powerful ingredient in the formula.

Glycogen Levels After Exercise

The muscles use glycogen as a source of fuel after exercise. Carbohydrate supplements are often utilized as a transport system for protein to the muscle for faster growth and recovery. A study published in the journal Amino Acids (1) showed a significant improvement in glycogen resynthesis in participants who took a combination of fenugreek extract and dextrose (a source of carbohydrates). The participants completed 90 minutes of exercise in the study. Two hours after the completion of exercise both groups consumed dextrose, but one group also consumed fenugreek extract. The increase in glycogen resynthesis was 63% greater in the group that consumed both dextrose and fenugreek extract. With Pronabolin, muscles get more of the fuel they need to grow and recover so you are stronger with more muscle mass.

Resistance Training Adaptations

With a combination of creatine and fenugreek extract, study participants measured an increase in creatine uptake even when carbohydrate intake was decreased. The study, published in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (2), was reported in 2011. One group consumed 5 g of creatine with 70 g of dextrose. The second group consumed 3.5 g of creatine with 900 mg of fenugreek extract. The fenugreek extract group showed a quicker uptake in creatine so less creatine was needed to achieve the same results. Creatine can come with some negative side effects, so Pronabolin helps fight those side effects by making creatine more powerful in less time.

Increased Endurance and Decreased Fat Accumulation

Endurance is what keeps you going in the gym. With low testosterone, endurance levels fade. Fenugreek extract can improve endurance via improvement in fatty acid use as an energy source. The Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology (3) reports a decrease in fat accumulation and increase in endurance with supplementation of 300 mg per 2.2 pounds of body weight. Basically if you take Pronabolin you will work harder and last longer in the gym. That is at the heart of growing muscle mass and getting that fit and thin body from your younger years.

Improvements in Blood Glucose Levels and Cholesterol

Several studies show a correlation between fenugreek extract and blood glucose levels. This correlation can mean decreased cravings for carbohydrates and thus decreased body weight. One of the more common symptoms of low testosterone is increased body fat. Another benefit reported in some of the studies was a positive impact on cholesterol levels. Pronabolin may be there to help you lose that weight you packed on after testosterone levels plummeted, but the welcomed side effect of lower total cholesterol is quite impressive.

The Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition (4) reports a decrease in blood glucose levels and cholesterol in study participants who took fenugreek extract. Three dose levels were used in the study. Low doses of fenugreek extract were not as effective as middle and higher doses. Middle doses were given as 0.87 grams per 2.2 pounds of body weight. Higher doses were given as 1.74 grams per 2.2 pounds of body weight. The middle and higher dose group measured lower triglycerides, lower cholesterol (total), higher HDL (good cholesterol) and lower blood glucose.

A second study reiterates the results of the first. According to the Journal of the Association of Physicians India, blood glucose levels and triglyceride levels are lowered with supplementation of fenugreek extract. Good cholesterol levels also increased over the course of the study. The fenugreek extract was given as 1,000mg daily.

Potential Side Effects With Fenugreek Extract

There are no side effects to worry about with fenugreek extract or Pronabolin. That is the lure of a supplement like this as you don’t have to worry day in and day out about the price you have to pay for taking the supplement.

Can You Expect Relief From Symptoms of Low Testosterone?

With aging comes lower testosterone levels. Low testosterone can cause fat accumulation and decreased physical performance. Fenugreek extract is clinically tested to help counteract these symptoms so Pronabolin added the ingredient so you get the benefits you desire.

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